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Randolph’s Bakery: High-Quality Custom Cakes in Marlton, NJ

Randolph’s Bakery uses our years of experience and passion for utilizing the finest ingredients to bake delicious custom cakes for a variety of Marlton, NJ gatherings. Visit our store today to get to work planning your big bash. We have a wide range of selections to choose from.

Birthday cake

Eat the Cake You Want At Randolph’s Bakery

Randolph’s Bakery utilizes our years of experience and the finest ingredients to bake delicious custom cakes. It is our passion. We have a large variety of flavors to choose from. Visit our store today and get to work planning your big bash. You can rest assured we have a wide range of cakes and flavors to choose from.

Customize your cake by:
  • Choosing the flavor you desire: Our bakers offer a wide selection of cake flavors for use in our custom cakes. Regardless of your filling, icing, or topping choice, you’ll be able to build your own cake using any of our flavors – including the vanilla, pound, or confetti. View our extensive cake menu.
  • Selecting a custom filling: Chocolate mousse, donut cream, lemon, raspberry, or pineapple. You’re getting hungry just thinking about these fillings, aren’t you? The filling is one of the most critical and tasty components of a great cake, and we’re proud to offer a plethora of options to you.
  • Getting the icing just right: Let’s be honest. The frosting is the first thing you taste in a great cake, and it’s also one of the most important. We feel the same way. That’s why we make sure to offer several options to our customers – from cream cheese to vanilla buttercream – that will make their cake a success.
  • Adding all the toppings you want: Do you want to adorn your custom cake with toppings? We’ve got you covered. Add Reese’s Cup crumbles, mini M&Ms, Oreos, chocolate shavings, and many others to the top of your cake. We can add any topping to any flavor, filling, or icing combination. It’s your call!

We Bake Cakes for All Occasions, Including Weddings

Randolph’s Bakery provides Marlton, NJ with a place to purchase cakes that have been baked fresh daily. We take enormous pride in our ability to create a cake that will make your birthday, anniversary, or wedding a success. Let us play a role in your special day and give us a call today.

Enjoy a Savory Treat Today

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