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We Sell a Variety of Cakes at Our Bakery

Randolph’s Bakery was founded in 1982 on the principle that great cakes deserve only the finest ingredients. We get up bright and early in the morning and start making today’s offerings. We offer cakes for all occasions and all groups of people. We’re proud of our reputation for creating custom made cakes for Marlton, NJ patrons. Discover the joys of our creations, all of which can be found below. Contact one of our two locations in Marlton or Maple Shade today for pricing information or to order your cake.

Cake Varieties

Italian Rum

Vanilla cake w/rum
Vanilla, chocolate, and cherry custard filling and whipped cream icing.

Black Forest

Chocolate cake, cherry filling, and whipped cream icing.

German Chocolate

Chocolate cake, coconut and nut filling, with light chocolate cream icing.

Cookie Dough

Vanilla cake, cookie dough filling, with light chocolate cream icing.

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate cake, chocolate fudge filling, and icing, chocolate shavings.

Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake, fresh strawberries with whipped cream icing.

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate cake, fresh strawberries with whipped cream icing.

Banana Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake, fresh strawberries, and bananas, whipped cream

Neapolitan Cake

Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cake, with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla doughnut cream icing.

Black And White Cake

A layer of each with chocolate mousse filling, buttercream icing with black and white curls on the side.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese Icing. No Nuts.

Chocolate Silk Cake

Chocolate cake, chocolate silk filling, whip cream icing.

Oreo Cake

Chocolate cake, Oreo filling, whipped cream icing.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, and icing.

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese

Chocolate cake, peanut butter cream cheese, Reese’s chunks

Lemon Coconut

Vanilla cake, lemon filling, vanilla iced with coconut.

Caramel Apple Tart

Caramel cheese, sliced apples, crumbs, and drizzled caramel.

Chocolate, Chocolate Oreo Cake

Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, Oreo filling.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet cake, cream cheese icing.

Cannoli Cake

Vanilla cake, cannoli filling, donut cream icing, and chocolate shavings.

Peanut Butter Meltdown

Graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache, peanut butter mousse, Reese’s chunks, and drizzled chocolate.

Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and icing.

Boston Cream Cake

Vanilla cake, Boston cream filling, and chocolate icing


7” or 10”
Coffee-flavored mousse with ladyfingers.

Fruit Tart

Fresh custard, and fresh fruit with a short dough crust.

German Chocolate

Chocolate cake, coconut and nut filling, with light chocolate cream icing.


  • Vanilla Iced
  • Chocolate Iced
  • M&M
  • Chocolate Dipped
  • Lemon
  • Novelty/Holiday Themed
  • Large Cupcakes:
    • Cannoli
    • Lemon Coconut
    • Carrot
    • Pumpkin (Seasonal)
    • Oreo
    • Peanut Butter Chocolate
    • Black and White
    • Red Velvet
    • Chocolate Silk
  • Mini Cupcakes:
    • Vanilla Iced
    • Chocolate Iced


  • Plain NY Style
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fruit Preserves
  • Pumpkin (Seasonal)
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Oreo
  • Reese’s Cup
  • Baker’s Cheesecakes:
    • Plain
    • Fruit Preserves
    • Pumpkin bar (Seasonal)
  • Cheesecake Bars:
    • Heath Cookie Cheesecake Bar
    • Salted Caramel Cheesecake Blondie Brownie
    • Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Bar
    • Banana Bread Bar
    • Lemon Cheesecake Bar
    • Blueberry Crumb Bar

Visit Randolph’s Bakery Today and Place An Order

Randolph’s Bakery continues to grow our reputation one satisfied customer at a time. Our long-time clients return to us for every birthday party and anniversary event because they trust us to bake a delicious cake, each time. Visit our bakery today.

Enjoy a Savory Treat Today

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